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Project ― Visual & Interaction Design

Since 2000, Undercover Tourist (UCT) provides attraction tickets at discounted prices, insider planning tips and excellent customer service. They helps families save time and money on their vacations to Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, Universal Studios Hollywood, SeaWorld Orlando, SeaWorld San Diego and more attractions in Orlando, Los Angeles and San Diego. Undercover Tourist is trusted for discounted rates, free shipping and flexible refund policies.

UCT had a highly successful website, however, it’s lack of responsivity was leading most mobile users to abandon their shopping carts before finishing a purchase, and ultimately never returning to complete the transaction. The Undercover Tourist team looked to Jackrabbit and myself to redesign and build their mobile shopping experience into an app for both Android and iOS.

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1. My Role

Collaborating with Undercover Tourist’s team of amazing illustrators, I conducted a series of lean mapping methodologies and was responsible for the design of the user experience, interface, and visual identity of the iOS mobile app.

2. Understanding the Challenge

The project kicked off with a mapping of Undercover Tourists website’s architecture and core use cases to gain insight into any redundancies or areas of opportunity that may be immediately apparent. After synthesizing all the insights that were gathered, I moved on to optimizing and streamlining UCTs mobile experience.

  • uct_research2.jpg

3. Designing for Delight

To provide UCT’s users with a more user friendly shopping experience, I focused on designing for clarity and ease of use. I redesigned the entire selection & cart experiences to be more streamlined and aligned with user expectations on mobile platforms. I then focused on establishing a fresh, modern, and clear visual system that stayed true to Undercover Tourist’s unique brand personality.

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